Small Groups

Join or Start a Small Group

Small Groups help people discover and develop their gifts, so they can deploy out and change their worlds.

Small Groups At Manna Church

We believe that life change happens in the context of relationships. Community is essential to become who God has called you to be. Small Groups are the best environment to discover, develop, and deploy into your God-given purpose.

Finding A Small Group

To join a Small Group, go to the Small Group finder and connect directly with a Small Group. If you have any difficulty, fee free to email for assistance. 

Starting A Small Group

To lead a Small Group, you must be a member of Manna Church and have completed LeaderStep. Once you have done those steps, fill out the Small Group Application by clicking 'Start A Group'.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will be determined by the type of group that you join. With the description of the group, the leader will identify if there are any pre-requisites to joining the group and/or supplies the attendee will require. 

Someone can start a Small Group after they have completed the Growth Track (FirstStep, NextStep, and LeaderStep). Throughout the year we have three opportunities to launch a new group (Jan, June, and August). If we are within the launch and someone is going through the Growth Track, they can co-lead the group with someone who has already completed it. If they are an approved leader, they can then submit their Small Group. The form will automatically go to a Small Group coordinator, where it will be reviewed and either approved or denied. 

If you can’t find a Small Group you would like to join we suggest contacting us. A member of our Small Group team will contact you and help discover what types of groups you’re interested in joining and suggesting similar groups that are available.

Some are, and some aren’t. When you search on Planning Center you’ll have the opportunity to filter out what type of group you’re looking for and what they offer. 

No. Anyone can join a Small Group, even if it’s your first Sunday at Manna Church.

Wherever people can gather. Coffee shops, the Church Office, the Student Building, restaurants, people’s homes, etc. It is up to the Small Group leader. 

You sure can!

Yes, you can leave the groups at any time. We do work within cycles, but we see them as ‘On and Off’ ramps as well. We do have a handful of ongoing ministries that use the Small Group cycles to welcome new members or say goodbye to those who would like to move on. 

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