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Outreach Is The Heartbeat

“Outreach is not an option; it is a mandate from Jesus.” Jesus created the Church to be the vehicle to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the world and He calls the Church to have influence locally, regionally, and globally (Acts 1:8). This is why we believe outreach is the heartbeat of “church”.


We see the world as a collection of individuals, each with a unique story, and all awaiting to encounter God’s grace; and we believe every follower of Jesus is called to reach their world – where you live, where you work, and where you feel especially called to further the Kingdom.

To that end, we develop ongoing outreach opportunities in which you can take part. There are “easy” outreaches, family-inclusive outreaches, as well as more complex outreaches.


Manna Church has been serving military communities for over 40 years and is strategically planting expressions of Manna Church along the Military Highway. We believe that the Church exists wherever God’s people gather. An expression of Manna Church could meet in its own designated building, a local school or gym, a home, or even online.


The family of Manna Churches is involved in 68 countries around the world, seeing thousands of people give their lives to the Lord annually.

Outreach Opportunities

Interested in local outreach? View the current outreach opportunities and get involved.


Interested in international missions? Checkout upcoming mission trips and get involved.

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