A Small Group consists of 3 or more people who gather together to build community, to grow and serve together. They meet in a variety of places and cover a variety of interests.

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A21 - Walk for Freedom

Leader Name:   Meledy Newsome
Meeting Time:   Saturdays @ 10am - Monthly
Location:   Fort Walton Beach Chickfila
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Come and join us in a walk to take a stand against Human Trafficking.

"B" Squared

Leader Name:   Andrew & Shannon Basquez
Meeting Time:   Saturday - once a month
Location:   Destin
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Grab the kids and come relax in beautiful Destin: within walking distance of the beach! Enjoy good food and company.

Be Still

Leader Name:   Andrew Basquez
Meeting Time:   When the Fish are Biting
Location:   Where the Fish are Biting
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Come enjoy the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast the best way man knows how - by fishing! No gear? No problem!

Called 2 Conquer

Leader Name:   Jacob Ray
Meeting Time:   Saturday @ 8am
Location:   Crestview / Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   For men struggling with an addiction to pornography or sexual immorality. Accountability and confidentiality is a must.

Celebrate Recovery

Leader Name:   Brock Sutton
Meeting Time:   Friday @ 5:30pm
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   A Christ-centered recovery program where accountability and confidentiality are key. CR covers all habits, hurts, and hang-ups.

Colombia Mission Trip

Leader Name:   Rachel Shinnick & Adam Chappell
Meeting Time:   January
Location:   Colombia
Childcare:   No
Focus:   We will be going to Colombia on a short-term mission trip. Our plan is to bless the local church through teaching and street evangelism.

Compassionate Hearts

Leader Name:   Sandi Warthen
Meeting Time:   TBD
Location:   Twin Cities Pavilion
Childcare:   No
Focus:   To brighten the lives of the residents of Twin Cities Pavilion, a low-to-no income assisted living facility in Niceville.

Craft Night

Leader Name:   Becky Shinnick
Meeting Time:   2nd Thursday @ 7pm
Location:   Niceville Panera
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Bring your current crafting projects for this monthly craft night. Knitting, crochet, quilting, drawing, coloring, etc. All portable crafting welcome!

Dog Days!

Leader Name:   Chelsea McLain & Becky Bumgardner
Meeting Time:   Sundays @ 4:30pm
Location:   Niceville Dog Park
Childcare:   No
Focus:   This is a short and sweet time for fellowship between furbabies and humans! We'll hang out as long as the pups are willing.

Ed's Garage

Leader Name:   Edward "Ed" Horvath
Meeting Time:   Thursdays - twice a month
Location:   Bluewater Bay
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Come learn basic car maintenance and repair. Get your hands dirty helping others with repairs and enjoy fellowship with "car guys".

F4 - Faith, Family, Food, & Fun

Leader Name:   Adam & Kendra Chappell
Meeting Time:   Every other Mon @ 6pm
Location:   Fort Walton Beach
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Join us as we have fun, food, dive into the word, pray together, and discuss how our faith relates to the weekly message.

Football & Fellowship

Leader Name:   Brock Sutton & Jacob Ray
Meeting Time:   Saturday @ 10am
Location:   Meigs Park - Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Come out and play flag football. Feel free to bring the family! We'll end by spending some time in the Word together.

God, Goodies, & Games

Leader Name:   Luis & Carla Gonzalez
Meeting Time:   Fridays @ 7 pm
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Come share dessert, a RightNow Media Bible study called THE ANATOMY OF A DISCIPLE, and fun games on Friday evenings.


Leader Name:   Jamie & Samantha Murdock
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays @ 6pm
Location:   Fort Walton Beach
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Join other couples to discuss marriage and how to thrive as God planned! Come hang out, build relationships, and have great food!

Ladies Night Out

Leader Name:   Amanda Kapule
Meeting Time:   Saturday - once a month
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Once a month we get together to fellowship and have fun! We laugh, we cry, we pray together, and eat. We always eat.

Kids' Craft Club

Leader Name:   Evie Shinnick
Meeting Time:   Monthly
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Calling all elementary age girls! Evie wants to share her love of crafting! We'll do 'make & take' projects, eat snacks, and make friends.

Manna Chick-Lits

Leader Name:   Blake Sparks
Meeting Time:   Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Location:   Panera - Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   A time of fellowship and reflection for the Manna Ladies out there who love to spend the evening reading a good book.

Manna Family Mania

Leader Name:   John & Hannah Collins
Meeting Time:   Friday @ 6:30pm
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Bring the whole family out to enjoy playing games, laughing, and fellowship. If you want bring a game for group!


Leader Name:   Jeff & Leslie Paschall
Meeting Time:   Weekly
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   A weekly workout group for all levels of fitness or experience. We'll do weighted/body weight exercises for a Crossfit style workout.

Manna Men

Leader Name:   Chris Shinnick
Meeting Time:   Wednesday @ 6am
Location:   Panera - Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Start your Wednesday off with good coffee, discussion, camaraderie, and prayer. Come find your Band of Brothers.

Manna Mommies

Leader Name:   Kendra Chappell
Meeting Time:   Friday @ 9:30am
Location:   Fort Walton Beach / Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Are you a Manna Mommy? If so, grab your mommy friends and come hang out as we meet for food, fun, and friendship!

Manna Motorcycles

Leader Name:   Kevin Henderson
Meeting Time:   Saturday - twice a month
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Come hit the road with Manna Motorcycles and enjoy planned rides to a new restaurant destination each time.

Minecraft + Math

Leader Name:   Sebastian Shinnick
Meeting Time:   Monthly
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Are you a kid who likes Minecraft & Math? If so, come join Sebastian to discuss, play, & read about Minecraft and explore the world of math.

Propel Women

Leader Name:   Patricia Hyden
Meeting Time:   Weds @ 10am & 6:30pm
Location:   Niceville/Valparaiso
Childcare:   No
Focus:   A group for ladies to grow in God by celebrating each others potential, passion and purpose! Let's walk together as we seek God!

Sermon Study

Leader Name:   Ben & Jennifer Tucker
Meeting Time:   Mondays @ 6:30pm
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Each week we'll spend time praying, discussing the sermon together, sharing testimonies, and enjoying fellowship.

The Breakfast Club

Leader Name:   Chad Angel
Meeting Time:   Sundays @ 8am
Location:   Niceville High School
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   We will SERVE Sunday morning at church with a delicious breakfast for all SERVE Team members and show our love through food.

The Bridge Young Adults

Leader Name:   Alex Gael
Meeting Time:   Every other Friday @ 7pm
Location:   Fort Walton Beach
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Young adults engaging in bible studies and building relationships. Join us to study Judah Smith's book, "How's Your Soul"!

Wives After God

Leader Name:   Rebecca Thomas
Meeting Time:   TBD
Location:   Niceville
Focus:   A safe and loving environment committed to focusing on what WE (as wives) can do better in our relationships. No topic is off limits.

You and Me Forever - Marriage Study

Leader Name:   Andy & Kristy Henderson
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays @ 7pm
Location:   Niceville
Childcare:   No
Focus:   Join us as we go through Francis Chan's book and video series on how Christ-centered marriages can make a lasting impact.

Small Groups not only impacted my life...they changed my life.


Small Groups are where life happens.


Small Groups have really helped to refine and deepen my understanding of what it means to BE the Church.


The dynamic of small groups is one of the the quintessential ways of Christ to aid in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.