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At Manna Church, our mission is to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world and by planting churches with the same world-changing vision.

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21 January 2022
This team is for those who have a desire to grow in their creative gifting. Whether it is graphic design, photography, videography, or drawing/painting we want grow in our gifting
21 January 2022
The Manna Kids team is here to create a safe and fun space for kids to receive wonder, discovery, and passion. We do this by providing a memorable parent and
21 January 2022
Manna STU was created to provide teenagers in 6th-12th grade a time to connect and find their God-given purpose. We meet on Wednesday nights to gather and grow into who
21 January 2022
Join Manna Outreach and be notified for all upcoming outreach events throughout the Summer! As an outreach becomes available you can RSVP simply through the app or website.  Our Outreach
21 January 2022
Manna Set up and tear down team exists to transform the walls of a high school into an inviting space for kids and adults to corporately worship and connect. Our
21 January 2022
The Welcome Team sets people up for life change. We create an atmosphere where people can come into the Presence of God. This means greeting them enthusiastically and warmly, making
21 January 2022
The Worship Experience exists to provide inspiring worship services where people can encounter the presence of God. We do this collectively through our Worship Team, Production Team, and Livestream Team.

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